Venturing Crew 907
Sanford, NC
We're here to answer questions about our group and give you ways to get in touch so we can give you more information. Our motto is "Lead the Adventure" and it would be great to have you with us.

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Venturers walking together

What is Venturing?

Venturing is a youth program under Scouts BSA (aka "Boy Scouts") that includes a wide variety of adventure activities, service projects, personal development, and working as a group.

Who can join?

Youth ages 14-20

When/where do you meet?

Thursdays from 7:00-8:30 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church (525 Carthage Street) and other times (some weekends) for special events.

What if I don’t know how to camp or hike?

That’s what we’re here for! Part of the adventure is trying new activities with friendly encouragement.

How much does it cost?

It costs $146.00 to join the group. There’s also a $25 joining fee if you’re new to Scouting. Venturers pay for their activities out of pocket or through crew fundraisers, such as selling discount cards. The crew is mindful of expenses and decides as a group how to budget activities.

What about the uniform?

Crew members wear an official Scout shirt with four required patches plus their own grey pants or shorts. Close-toed shoes are required for many outdoor activities.

Find out more!

Look for us at our Venturing Crew 907 Facebook page.

Venturer with a raven perched on her outstretched arm

How do I get more information?

The adult advisor for the group is
Tamara Lewis
She can get you in touch with the youth Crew President.

Vision Statement

To inspire the young citizens of our community to come together through leadership, service and ADVENTURE.

What do you do?

Activities are chosen by the crew (youth) and can range from camping to leading a food drive and everything in between. The kinds of activities fall into these categories:


can be anything from backpacking to a museum trip to kayaking to photography

Venturer with bow and arrow Venturer on climbing wall Venturing hikers taking a break Hikers beside Cape Fear river
Venturers and other Scouts collecting food donations at the Lee Regional Fair Venturer on a zipline Venturer receiving supervised training on a BSA approved shooting range Venturer setting up a tent


youth lead and plan all activities, participate in leadership training, play team building games


goal setting, time management, personal safety, and life skills sessions


Venturers help community groups, charities, and others as requested. This crew has a strong connection to Family Promise of Lee County which assists families as they transition into permanent housing.

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